On the day of your arrival, Host will meet you outside of the building and take you for a Welcome Tour to acquante you with the home, neighbourhood, and answer your questions. During the Welcome Tour, Host will  do the following:

  • Give you the Building Key & Parking Permit (if you have a car).
  • Show you how to use a Digital Lock from our condo unit and make sure that you master it 🙂 
  • Take you to your room and briefly cover the basics.


In order to avoid blocking the entry door to our building, we ask guests who have more than one suitecase do following:

  • If you have a car, park your car on the nearby street or in the Public Parking (see Parking instructions) and walk to our building without the luggage. You can take care of the luggage right after the Welcome Tour.
  • If you do not have a car, Host will meet you away from the building entry at the corner of California Ave., which is about 70 feet (1/4 block away)


  • Host will meet you outside of the building at the scheduled time and take you to a Welcome Tour
  • If you cannot make the time, please contact Host via message or phone. Host will always reply right away. 
  • If you, for some reason, you will not get a reply from the Host, then Host did not received your message and you must find a way to connect with the Host with the update about the time of your arrival.