Celebrated principal of Mariinsky Theatre Ulyana Lopatkina

Ballet and Identity

Craft your Identity

Ballet and Identity is the project of The First Guild with the mission to make education in classical dance (a.k.a. Ballet) available to schools worldwide.

A proven system of order, which is inherent within the structure of classical dance molds a strong, healthy identity paving the road to sucess in every aspect of individual’s life.​

A ballet education is an investment in your future...

Ballet & Identity: Part 1: Identity

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“Ballet & Identity: Part 1 of 2. (6-min. intro video)

Ballet & Identity: Part 2: Legacy

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“Ballet & Identity: Part  2 of 2. (6-min.  intro video)

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I think that I was waiting for something structured and disciplined like that, and that’s why I feel like the arts are so important for children. I think that whether or not they go on to become a professional or use that experience in their future jobs, it’s going to enrich their lives in some way… it did that immediately for me.

I never experienced such structure in my life. EVER. And I think I was just craving it, and I immediately just held onto this.

--- Misty Copeland, Principal dancer,
American Ballet Theatre